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AI Curator

The Ultimate way for guests to find flattering clothes

Before Savitude, shoppers would go to 5 or 6 sites (or stores) to find what they wanted.
The Savitude AI Curator personalizes the discovery of fashion 
and recommends flattering clothes and the best sites to find them.


Shoppers save tons of time but see more personalized options.
Using Savitude’s branded hashtags, shoppers see a

 - steady stream of
- new looks and
- social sharing  


The AI Curator can be incorporated on the retailer’s site to improve guest experience  by using curation and search. The result?

        - Increased sales,           
        - larger basket size, and
        - higher loyalty              

Independent Modules

Savitude licenses the AI Curator on a subscription basis to retailers. The cloud-based, machine learning and knowledge base technology enables visual discovery, recommends optimal outfits and yields valuable data for hyper-personalization and localization. Retailers can select from independent modules. See the full list below

Easy Installation

Fully automated

Installation is even easier for those who have API access or their e-commerce sites are on standard platforms.

We know you'll love us.


"New and revolutionary. Really takes the hassle out of shopping. Reduce the need for returns."

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"Simple and easy, painless, no body shaming."

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“Cool to be able to shop by body shape.”

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Pricing for Retailers

AI Curator starting at $100/month