never buy outfits
that look bad on you 


for guests

Our goal is to help you find what flatters you best
 so you can spend more time being you


for retailers & brands

Our goals are to help your guests find their optimal recommendations,
to give you better data to improve your assortment planning,
and keep your guests returning 
In short, drive better business, effectively your way 


 skeptical? let us show you how  

  • hyper-personalization
    with 729 discrete units

  • anonymized communication
    that delivers what guests want
    body positive clothing that looks good
    on guests' body shapes and proportions

  • flexible communication
    on any social or shopping channel,
    our goal is to be where guests shop

  • nimble, to succeed in store or online



all Savitude’s AI Curator modules are available for installation on all sites
from standardized platforms to enterprise. 

flattery, while the personalized recommendations will significantly improve your consumer engagement and conversion, the data from flattery is also highly valuable for future planning, hyper-targeting and localization

visual discovery using similar and complementary color, texture, patterns, and occasion

outfitting with 2- and 3- pieces, coordinated with respect to color, pattern, texture, and identified for occasion.

loyalty results from continuing hyper-personalized recommendations

accessorizing outfits with shoes.

accessorizing outfits with jewelry.

current library: Women’s RTW, Mens (2019), Children (2019).


    *Installation is even easier for those who have API access or
    their e-commerce sites are on standard platforms,
    such as Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or WooCommerce.
    Fully Automated!

    license fees

    Savitude licenses its technology as follow 

    standardized platform pricing