Fashion Week Collections

we were curious

to find out if designers created collections for models or real women. we used our technology to analyze the latest runway shows to determine which body shapes and proportions were flattered by each designer label. 

Body Shape Legend

rect: rectangle
hg: hourglass
bhg: bottom hourglass
spoon: spoon   
tri: triangle     
di: diamond
oval: oval  
it: inverted triangle
thg: top hourglass


what we found

these are the results for New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. first slide shows you overall designer results by city; consecutive slides show individual designer analysis.


New York Fall 2019

Generally speaking, New York designers are focusing on embracing designs for larger busted women; hourglass women are also well-represented. On the opposite end of the spectrum, women with larger mid-sections are reliably under-represented. It is interesting that bottom hourglass women are generally under-represented, yet spoon is over-represented. Both have larger hips and well-defined waists. I attributed this to designers opting to avoid fitted clothing for bottom hourglass women and instead went for clothes that smoothed over the high hips of the spoon and triangle shapes.




London, Fall 2019
Milan, Fall 2019
Paris, Fall 2019

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we developed it to help all women find clothes that work for their bodies.

Savitude has collected about one hundred eighty-nine thousand responses to its 6-7 point quiz that identifies an individual’s body shape and proportions. Our validation testing has been strong and in practice, the quiz has been associated with double-digit increases in conversion with remarkable significance.

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