Fashion Week Analysis

Savitude has collected over a quarter million responses to its 6-7 point quiz that identifies an individual’s body shape and proportions. Our validation testing has been strong and in practice, the quiz has been associated with significant increases in conversion (p value 0.00).

New York Fall 2019

Generally speaking, New York designers are focusing on embracing designs for larger busted women; hourglass women are also well-represented. On the opposite end of the spectrum, women with larger mid-sections are reliably under-represented. It is interesting that bottom hourglass women are generally under-represented, yet spoon is over represented. Both have larger hips and well defined waists. I attributed this to designers opting to avoid fitted clothing for bottom hourglass women, and instead went for clothes that smoothed over the high hips of the spoon and triangle shapes.

London, Fall 2019

Starts February 15 

Milan, Fall 2019

Starts February 20

Paris, Fall 2019

Starts February 25

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