Install Instructions


Are you storing any of my body shape information?

Savitude will not store any of your information on our servers in regards to this questionnaire. A cookie is used so you don't have to retake it repeatedly, but that information stays on your device.

What are your recommendations based off of?

Shape and proportion of the guest, as well as recommendations and guidance from fashion and style experts.

What type of details do you base your assessment on?

We use up to 729 hyper-personalization details such as neckline, sleeve length and skirt lengthen.


Uninstall Instructions

After you have uninstalled our application there will be a few snippets in your theme we can't remove because we no longer have access to your store. to remove them do the following:

  1. Open your stores admin console and go to Online Store -> Themes
  2. In your current theme click Actions -> Edit Code 
  3. Open your product.liquid file and remove the two sections "savitude-find-similar-products" and "savitude-outfitting"
  4. In the "Sections" folder find and delete savitude-find-similar-products.liquid and savitude-outfitting.liquid
  5. In Online Store -> Pages remove the "Shop by Body Shape" page. Be sure to also remove any links you created to this page.