Cut & Curves

Woman lying on studio floor, wearing reptile printed dress.

It's about you

Chances are you are human,
with a bit of this and a bit of that.
No brand can predict your specialness,
but Savitude can help you get the appearance you want. 

women's 9 body shapes in 3-D

these are the 9 shapes

did you know?

The fashion industry is focused on the idealized and fantasy body shapes, the hourglass and top hourglass, respectively, thus leaving the majority of women underserved.

That’s why we focus on understanding the shape of the wearer in relationship to the cut and drape of the fabric worn.

We find best results using a model of 9 body shapes and 4 proportions to bring you clothes to look your best.

Which designer works for your shape?

We can show you
which designs from the Fall 2019 runways
are just for your body shape.

Take our quiz and you will see.

answer 6 easy questions to find how to look for clothing with the best cut and drape for your body shape.

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