Copy of Frequently Asked Questions

Guest Q&A

How do I contact Savitude?
The best way is to complete our contact form. We will get back with you within 24 hours. 

Are you storing any of my body shape information?
No. Savitude will not store any of your information in regards to our body shape questionnaire.

What are your recommendations based off of?
Shape and proportion of the guest, as well as recommendations and guidance from fashion and style experts.

When answering the 6 questions, what if I don’t know my exact shape or proportion?
Customers have taken quick peeks at a mirror to assist them in their answers.

How many body shapes and proportions do you use?
We find best results using a model of 9 body shapes and 4 proportions to bring you clothes to look your best.

Can you list the body shapes and proportion that Savitude uses?
Body shapes: Rectangle, Hourglass, Bottom Hourglass, Top Hourglass, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval, Diamond, Spoon
Proportions: Shoulder Width, Torso Length, Height, Weight

Why don’t you use size or measurements?
Poor fit and perception can be defined by measurements, but more often the core of the problem is poor choice of clothing silhouette or design elements. That’s why we focus on understanding the shape of the wearer in relationship to the cut and drape of the fabric worn.

Why did we create your Savitude Code?
So you can find the personalized recommendations you want, where you want it yet, remain anonymous. Just follow your Savitude Code™ on Instagram. 

How often will you send me looks for my shape and proportion?
It will be slow at the start, but we will build quickly. 

Can I retake the quiz if I feel like I answered a question incorrectly the first time?
Of course, but don’t forget to update your Savitude Code.

What if I can’t find my shape or proportion?
Our is questionnaire is based on scientific research however, if you do have any questions please feel free to contact us.

What type of details do you base your assessment on?
We use up to 729 hyper-personalization details such as neckline, sleeve length and skirt lengthen. 

Retailer/Brand Q&A

What are the key benefits of your technology?
Our goals are to help your guests find their optimal recommendations, to give you better data to improve your assortment planning, and keep your guests returning. In short, drive better business, effectively your way.

What is AI Curator?
The Ultimate technology for guests to find flattering clothes. The Savitude AI Curator personalizes the discovery of fashion and recommends flattering clothes and the best sites to find them.

What platform does your technology run on?
Savitude’s AI Curator modules are available for installation on all sites from standardized platforms to enterprise.

How can we use your technology?
Savitude licenses the AI Curator on a subscription basis to retailers. The cloud-based, machine learning and knowledge base technology enables visual discovery, recommends optimal outfits and yields valuable data for hyper-personalization and localization. Retailers can select from independent modules.

How many and what are the modules?
We have 4 independent modules.

Flattery - while the personalized recommendations will significantly improve your consumer engagement and conversion, the data from flattery is also highly valuable for future planning, hyper-targeting and localization

Find Similar -  using similar and complementary colors, textures, patterns, and occasions

Outfitting - with 2 and 3 pieces, coordinated with respect to color, pattern, texture, and identified for occasion.

Loyalty results from continuing hyper-personalized recommendations

Is it difficult to install?
Very Easy! We are fully automated. Installation is even easier for those who have API access or their e-commerce sites are on standard platforms such as Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or WooCommerce.

What is Savitude’s pricing structure?
Savitude licenses its technology on a standardized platform starting as low as $99/mo. We have four pricing platforms (mono, duo, complete, enterprise). For more information visit our solutions page.