Explore On-Trend Design Spaces

        • Build your capsule collections more easily
        • Optimize color and print selections
        • Design for all shapes
        • Quickly add in cross-promotions
    Savitude's AI Explorer works much like a human designer does.
    It "looks" for design details in themed collections and draws colorized flats
    that can be grouped in collections or capsules.  
    The designs and subsequent drawings include considerations of:

    color themes
    body shapes
    distribution of body shape in a given population
    distribution of body shape geographically 
    Why do we call it an extension and not a replacement of a designer?
    Our technology, left untended would produce about 6 trillion colorized flats for each image set. 
    Our AI technology assesses the quality of the design and ranks the output.
    The designer using the system can weight the parameters above
    to guide the output in the desired direction. 
    While the designer's expertise isn't used in the AI process,
    it is needed to use the AI technology wisely. 
    Can AI Explorer be as creative as a designer? 
    That is yet to be determined as we gain experience with this technology and as technology advances. 
    Proof of Concept
    [Our AI is complete. We are finishing the drawing tool.
    Here we have about 60% of the drawing space completed.]
      What are use some cases in fashion today?
      Provide a technical description of a  House's DNA. 
      House DNA descriptions can be made for Creative Directors.
      Brands can thoroughly explore capsule options to optimize Runway to Streetwear. 
      AI Explorer acts as "extra set of hands" enabling seamless cross-promotions
      adding excitement and sales to each season. 

      Do you have more ideas? Let us know, please.

        We are open to Beta customers